Cross-Screen Starts Here

It’s happened. Tablets are outselling PCs. There are over 140 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone. Always on, and connected to 3 or 4 devices is the new way of life. Consumers have already adapted, seamlessly moving between screens to search, shop, communicate and share. Marketers, however, are still trying to figure it out.

At BlueCava, we’re on a mission to change the way digital advertising is delivered, measured, and optimized. Working with the largest agencies and technology providers, BlueCava acts a catalyst for companies trying to make the transition to cross-screen, with an emphasis in platform openness and audience sustainability.

Our Audience Association Platform makes the connections between screens, consumers and households, enabling you to recognize your single audience across all platforms, and discover new touch points as additional screens become available. Your existing audience data can be leveraged across screens and deployed into new environments, such as mobile.

With insight into which screens influence and convert, combined with meaningful audience data, marketers are armed with actionable metrics that improve user experience, increase conversion, and maximize revenue.

BlueCava Association Graph

BlueCava Audience Association Graph

The BlueCava Audience Association Platform produces an Association Graph, representative of all of the screens, consumers and households in your universe and establishes connections between related screens, and the many IDs that represent them.