The BlueCava Executive Interview Series: Gilt By Association

Salesforce/ExactTarget just released their 2014 CMO report, Bridging The Digital Divide. An excerpt:

“To get the most from their data and analytics experts, CMOs should make additional investments in the tools that support their real-time (RT) customer-facing efforts. Real-time digital marketing techniques that sense customer behavior and respond are becoming the standard in 1:1 communication, shortening the lag time between a customer action and a perfectly timed and targeted brand response. Real-time efforts have replaced segment-centric batch-and-blast marketing, giving customers exactly what they want, when and where they want it. This type of marketing requires continual optimization and real-time attention.”

BlueCava’s Chief Technology Officer David Tannenbaum couldn’t agree more. In this latest installment of our executive interview series, David talks real-time, and what it means to advertisers when combined with audience association.

Q. David, where do we start?

David Tannenebaum: It’s all about “digital threads,” the dynamic connections between multiple screens and their related populations. BlueCava’s newly-launched Audience Association Platform version (BlueCava 3.0) automatically generates audience association graphs that display these threads graphically in ways that easily quantify relationships in the cross-screen world. These graphs can be custom-generated for large brands, data providers, buy-side and sell-side platforms, and publishers. Our ability to create an open and scalable platform capable of processing, filtering and analyzing billions of transactions daily into these graphs of audience relationships is groundbreaking. We make it easy for buyers and suppliers to build a cross-screen audience segment that enables high-impact media flights.

Q. What do marketers need to know about RT Association? Misconceptions?

DT: There is no panacea when it comes to RT association. It is constantly changing. Based on your marketing goals, you choose a level of accuracy that will provide the right amount of quantity (reach) at a precise level of quality. At BlueCava, we don’t have a definitive number of cross-screen profiles. We score the relationships of devices (screens) to each other, and based on your marketing goals, you pick a score that is appropriate. These scores and interrelationships between devices are updated constantly.

Q. What’s BlueCava’s “secret sauce”…the tech behind its platform?

DT: Consumers are constantly adding and removing devices, and identifiers for those devices change frequently (cookies, device IDs, etc.). The ability to reconcile the different industry standard IDs (and know when devices are no longer part of the same household) is imperative. We use a combination of statistical identifiers and recognizers to determine the relationships between individual devices and build the graph. When you are managing campaigns, you want to control frequency at the consumer and screen level. In order to effectively manage frequency you need to understand how these identifiers change in real-time.

Q. BlueCava 3.0 has been described as privacy- and consumer-first. Please elaborate.

DT: The association graph is completely based on statistics, and all of the elements used in our detectors are not considered PII. Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) is information that cannot be used alone to identify a specific individual person. Non-PII includes such things as browser type, operating system, the web address of a web page visited, the time and date a web page was visited, and the web address of the referring page. It may also entail the number of times a particular browser has been shown a certain ad, or generic categories indicating inferences that have been made about users’ interests.

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