Mobile Device Growth: Opportunity and Challenge

2013 was a huge year for the mobile device in the US. 25.4% growth was seen across the board for tablets, smartphones, desktops and notebooks (NDP Group). Through November, sales of tablets accounted for a massive percentage of personal computing device purchases, up to 22%, further solidifying the transition from desktops and notebooks.

Retail giants Target and Walmart saw a good slice of holiday sales devoted to products such as the Apple iPad Air 16GB and iPad Mini. In fact, tablet sales totaled 1.4 million on Black Friday alone according to Walmart, while sales of the iPad Air 16GB that same day accounted for 8.2% of Target’s overall. Smart TVs and Android Tablet sales trailed closely.

These incredible figures are a welcome challenge to digital marketers, driving the necessity for a technology that can effectively identify this new crop of multi-screen consumers. The more hardware that enter the ecosystem, the more difficult it becomes to appropriately engage consumers on the right gadget at the right time.

It’s time to look beyond the cookie for segmentation, data, and behavioral patterns.