The New Mobile Display Ecosystem

The rapid pace of today’s digital advertising environment has given birth to new methods of identifying and reaching consumers along their path to purchase. With this movement in multi-screen and mobile methodology comes limitations, innovation, and new systems of monetization.

BlueCava COO & Co-Founder, John Sherrod, was recently interviewed and featured in an Econsultancy report that details today’s mobile landscape. Published earlier this month, Chris O’Hara’s ‘The New Mobile Display Ecosystem’ explores the current state of mobile advertising and provides great insight into where the industry is headed, with input from multiple leading technology companies.

Written primarily for publishers, the report takes a deep look at mobile. It addresses key questions, buzzwords and problems in the space, including: Mobile Spend v.s. Mobile Ad Spent, Format Fragmentation and Inconsistencies, The Cookie, A Universal ID, The Omnichannel Vision, and more.

It points out that as fragmentation worsens and mobile devices expand beyond smartphones and tablets (wearables, household devices, etc), advertisers are finding it more and more difficult to deliver consistent and meaningful messages on the right device at the right time.  Moving away from the de facto cookie-based solutions that are limited on mobile will be a monumental move that will help unlock the true value in these mobile devices, and their users.

Since 2010, BlueCava has been perfecting the breakthrough technology that links consumers across their many devices and brings value and accuracy to mobile advertising, without the reliance on cookies. Its Association Platform uses probabilistic identifying technology validated with deterministic data to  provide powerful insight and meaningful data.

Publishers: Start monetizing your premium mobile inventory better.

Advertisers: Start leveraging your mobile inventory better.

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