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BlueCava wants you to be in control of your experience online. This might sound like marketing mumbo-jumbo, but it’s not. We help our partners provide you with online advertising that’s meaningful and supports the sites and services you use for free, so everyone wins. 

If you really don’t want us sharing your advertising preferences with those companies in our network, BlueCava allows you to opt-out. This opt-out will not only apply to the device you’re currently using but also to any other devices that we have linked to yours. To learn more about how we identify your device and relate it to others, visit the Recognition section in our privacy policy.



If you choose to opt out we will not share the identity of your device with online marketers, advertisers, or their suppliers. For some people this is no big deal, and for others it’s really meaningful. Note that we do have some customers who use our services on their own web sites, including for things like fraud prevention, and the opt out you do here will not necessarily prevent them from using our technology to recognize your device when you visit their sites. To opt-in or out of tracking click the button to the right.
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You can reset the ID we generate when we recognize your device. This will unlink your device from any of the data that has been accumulated and assigned to that ID. The effect is the same as if you had just gotten a new computer or phone. To reset your ID click the button to the right. Note, that if you reset your ID we will automatically apply the opt-out setting from the old ID to the new one when we create the new one, so if you have opted out above you don’t have to do that again.

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