Activate, supply and engage your complete cross-screen audience

How do we do it? We excel at capturing device signals across the ecosystem and identifying unique screens. This critical first step, correct device identification, is the foundation of all accurate cross-screen mapping. We map seemingly unrelated devices, consumers and households, forming a cohesive cross-screen map of your audience, then expand your reach by adding the missing screens; on average we multiply audiences by 3X. And as your audience acquires new screens, we add those as well.

We enrich your audience with location and device-level information, such as screen type, make, model, platform and OS, and demographic attributes from our Connected Data Store™. We also add BlueCava IDs™, highly persistent identifiers that let you study, target and measure your audience over time at the device, consumer and household levels. Where cookies often degrade after 100 hours or less, BlueCava IDs persist up to 100 days and beyond. Layer in your data, and we will extend it across all of your consumer and household screens.

We’re transparent. BlueCava Confidence Scores™ indicate our confidence level in each screen, consumer and household association. Since reach and confidence level are inversely correlated, our transparency lets you adjust your reach or study population based on your targeting or analytics goals. We also add transactable IDs so you can easily integrate with your preferred advertising partners, and map them to our BlueCava ID. This acts as a Rosetta Stone across partner IDs, letting you pivot easily between your DSP, trading, data and other partners. For each campaign, receive your Cross-Screen Index™, an intuitive score that lets you measure performance in terms of cross-screen reach – how many screens you did reach versus how many your audience has.

Our platform provides all the tools you need to make it happen. Quickly and easily create and deploy tags and custom audience segments, view your audience and campaign results on intuitive dashboards, receive actionable reports, extract your association graph for studies and targeting and/or incorporate our platform into your existing stack and UI.

Audience Association Platform

Audience Intelligence: Know Your Audience

Online, different browsers and screens look like different people. BlueCava solves the information gap by connecting your audience’s digital touch points, resolving multiple cookies and IDs into their respective screens, associating these screens at the consumer and household levels and building a unified cross-screen map that continues to grow over time as your audience adds new screens.

Finally, the missing information you need to create robust visitor profiles, accurate segmentation, authentic strategy, personalized experiences your audiences will love and conversion that drives your best marketing ROI.


Audience Expansion: Grow Your Audience

Most marketers recognize and reach only a fraction of the many screens their audience uses. BlueCava eliminates the cross-screen reach barrier, multiplying audiences by 3X on average, so you can reconnect with your audience whenever and wherever they go, across all of their mobile, desktop and tablet screens.

Now, the additional screens and persistent identifiers you need to recognize and retarget your audience across all of their devices, reach them at critical milestones in their purchase journeys, create consistent personalized experiences across all of their screens, expand your inventory, effectively optimize consumer and household frequency and grow your revenue.

Audience Targeting: Reach Your Audience

It’s a cross-screen world, but most marketers lose sight of their audience as it shifts between an ever growing number of devices. Too often, they’re targeting cookies rather than the people and households that buy their products. BlueCava eliminates the cross-screen blindness so you can see your audience across all of its devices, from mobile in the morning to tablet at noon and desktop after dinner.

At last, you’ll have the cross-device visibility you need in order to stop overspending on wasted impressions, target against a wide variety of attributes at the consumer and household levels, deliver sequential messaging and give your audiences the personalized experiences they have come to anticipate.

Audience Measurement: Convert Your Audience

BlueCava addresses the “bad data in – bad data out” dilemma by drawing upon a complete, unified view of your audience across mobile, tablet and desktop at the device, consumer and household levels. We deliver accurate campaign measurement, including unduplicated reach and frequency, best-performing publishers, top multi-screen purchase paths, conversion and attribution.

With measurement based on data across all of your audience’s screens, you can see how mobile fits into purchase paths, whether you are delivering against brand objectives, pinpoint your best strategies, perform inflight-optimization, reallocate your budget, understand key conversion paths and multiply sales.